BEE-CAUSE Pollinators Feed the World

Beginning January 2022, the Project in Common is “BEE-CAUSE Pollinators Feed the World”, an international project.  It is a project designed to inform people about all kinds of pollinators and promote the importance of pollinators of all kinds.  Promotion of this project included a session on pollinators and the NVON Conference and presentation of written materials explain pollinators and their purposes, promotion of healthy gardens and weed and pest control, working with local garden groups and beekeepers and a variety of things that individuals can do to promote pollinator survival.  Collection of funds generated through this project are to go to a number of bee-keeping organizations and international aid societies that promote pollinator and animal production. This project was designed to support Resolution #16 Pollinator Protection as well as resolutions supporting healthy eating, environment and local, national and international farming practices.  Two pollinator displays were featured at the July 2021 NVON conference encouraging members to create gardens and yards conducive to pollinators, proper care for and information about pollinators and appropriate conditions around farms and in yards.

This project will run from January 2022 through December 2024.  Information materials were distributed beginning May 2021 with all states having received materials prior to the conference. 

Associated Country Women of the World 2019-2022
Be it resolved that ACWW societies and members urge their governments and research institutes to continue to identify and reduce specific drivers of insect pollinator decline, develop agricultural pollinator friendly practices, and promote greater public awareness of the role of insect pollination in global food production.

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