BEE-CAUSE Pollinators Feed the World

“BEE-CAUSE Pollinators Feed the World” is the focus of our Project in Common starting January 2022.

With over 31,000 members NVON will make a major impact with education and implementation of workshops, home gardens, flower beds and LOTS of other areas to help make members and others aware of the crisis with pollinators.

Each state organization may partner with their state extension office and other organizations, i.e., Master Gardeners and local Bee Keeping Associations, to hold a minimum of 3 educational classes and /or workshops for adults/children. The topics could be bees, pollinators, plants, pesticide danger. Your state and members will be able to make a major impact on our chosen Project in Common.

In your role as a NVON leader, it is important to help promote chosen topics as a group. Be creative in your approach to presenting to state members and state programs.

Many of you have had programs regarding this subject in the past few years. This Project in Common will be a positive reinforcement for all your previous efforts.

  • Recognize Pollinator week, Earth Day and World Bee Day (dates change annually).
  • Partner with local gardening groups to promote vegetable gardening and flower beds.
  • Partner with local Beekeepers and Bee Keeper Associations.
  • Donate one dollar per member toward providing beehives for Bees for Development – one resource. box includes educational material to be sent to other countries to help start a local beehive averages $70 per box. (more information will be given at roll out in July).

A few ideas to get you started:
● Make seed balls to spread flowers, which are food for bees! 
● Plant different types of flowers – bees need variation in their diet, just like we do!
● Educate others and spread the awareness – Together we can #SaveTheBees!
● Eat organic!
● Use Integrated Pest Management techniques in your yard or garden instead of pesticides.
● Become a backyard beekeeper or support your local beekeeping organizations.
● Don’t harm bees you encounter in the world – those foragers are just going about their business! If we leave them bee, they will leave us bee 🙂
● Support native bees too!

Associated Country Women of the World 2019-2022
Be it resolved that ACWW societies and members urge their governments and research institutes to continue to identify and reduce specific drivers of insect pollinator decline, develop agricultural pollinator friendly practices, and promote greater public awareness of the role of insect pollination in global food production.