Conferences and Conference Themes

The first NVON Annual Conference was in Columbus, Indiana in 1999.

1999 – Columbus, Indiana, “Exploring New Horizons”
2000 – Louisville, Kentucky, “National Volunteer In Action”
2001 – Parkersburg, West Virginia, “Almost Heaven in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia”
2002 – Springfield, Illinois, “Visions for the Future”
2003 – Janesville, Wisconsin, Visions for the Future  “Dreams Really Can Come True”
2004 – North Charleston, South Carolina, Visions for the Future “Building on the Past”
2005 – Indianapolis, Indiana, A Strong Foundation “Building from Within “Step by Step”
2006 – Hot Springs, Arkansas, A Strong Foundation “Building from Within “Inform–Inspire–Involve”
2007 – Lexington, Kentucky, A Strong Foundation – Building From Within “Inherit The Past, Create A Bright Future”
2008 – Charleston, West Virginia, United for a Better World “Together Everyone Accomplishes More”
2009 – Belleville, Illinois, United for a Better World “Cultivate the Mind; Harvest the Future”
2010 – Hot Springs, Arkansas, United for a Better World “The Voices Of Women Today”
2011 – Green Bay, Wisconsin, Exciting Opportunities Await “NVON – Catch the Enthusiasm”
2012 – Columbia, South Carolina, Exciting Opportunities Await “Leaders, Step Forward”
2013 – Frankfort, Kentucky, Exciting Opportunities Await “Exploring New Frontiers”
2014 – Indianapolis, Indiana, NVON Touching Lives World Wide
2015 – Martinsburg, West Virginia, Touching Lives, World Wide By Sharing our Treasures
2016 – Normal, Illinois, Touching Lives World Wide “Inspiring Women Everywhere”
2017  – Raleigh, North Carolina, Learning, Leading, Serving: “Lifelong Learning–New Ideas and Knowledge for a Newer You!”
2018 – Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Learning, Leading, Serving: “Enhance Leadership Skills”
2019 – Springdale, Arkansas, Learning, Leading, Serving: “Today’s Woman–Striving to Strengthen Her Community”
2020 – Spartanburg, South Carolina, Making a Difference: “Working Together for 25 Years, 1995-2020” 1995-2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)
2021 – Owensboro, Kentucky, “Be the Sunshine–Make a Difference”
2022 – Evansville, Indiana, Make a Difference–“Embrace Change”
2023 – Parkersburg, West Virginia, Plant Many Seeds – “Brighten our Future”