The program library was set up October 2000 as a means for member states to exchange programs. In 2012 each state volunteered to link their state’s programs to NVON’s Project page.

The National Volunteer Outreach Network, Inc. brings together organizations who are members of or are willing to:

The following are links to member state education lessons:

*Education Lessons can be downloaded any time from the below web sites at no charge. “Click” the web site link below the state organization name, it will direct you to a list of lessons. Feel free to download and share these continuing education lessons with members. Most lessons are in pdf format and the use of adobe acrobat is necessary to view them.

Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council
* https://www.uaex.edu/life-skills-wellness/extension-homemakers/lesson-guides.aspx

Illinois Association for Home and Community Education
* http://www.iahce.org/lessons.html

Indiana Extension Homemakers Association
* https://ieha-families.org/about-us/education

Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association
(no link to education lessons at this time)

Michigan Community Education Outreach
(no link to education lessons at this time)

North Carolina Extension and Community Association, Inc.
* http://fcs.ces.ncsu.edu/eca-3/

South Carolina Family and Community Leaders

West Virginia Community Education Outreach Service
* https://extension.wvu.edu/community-business-safety/community-educational-outreach-service/ceos-lessons (lessons 2014-2017)
email carra.highins@mail.wvu.edu (lessons 2018-present)

Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education
* https://wahceinc.org/2019-education-programs

If you have questions about education lessons, please contact:
Karen Bell Fox, NVON Vice President (karenbellfoxaehc@yahoo.com)