Water Around The World

Water Around the World

Water Around the World
NVON Project in Common
2013 –

Water Around the World Continues to Impact Lives
One Filter at a Time!

Thank You to NVON members, families, friends and the committee members for supporting the 2013-2015 Water Around The World, NVON Project in Common. Through efforts local, state, national and worldwide many people’s lives have been improved and possibly saved by the use of water filters we’ve made possible.
We donated almost $150,000 toward water filters since this project was introduced at the July 2012 Annual Meeting even before the project started January 1, 2013 finalizing December 31, 2020.  There’s no way we’ll ever know exactly how many people have used NVON’s water filters to get clean drinking water but approximate calculations are about 5,000 families.
The final check has been sent to Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners for those Nicaraguans who have suffered through several major hurricanes and storms just this year.
This concludes this successful project and again I want to thank all who have supported this project and the effort to get clean drinking “Water Around The World.”