Water Around The World

Water Around the World

Water Around the World
NVON Project in Common
2013 – 201
5 and 2016

Water Around the World
Continues Impacting Lives
One Filter at a Time!

The NVON Project in Common for 2013-2015 was “Water Around The World.” The objective of the three-year international project was to present an overview of how water is an essential resource and fundamental building block of life, present an awareness of problems that could arise when clean water is lacking in communities, and how we could help those in need around the world.

One way NVON supports the efforts of the United Nations to get clean “Water Around The World” is by using the PointONE Filter system. It uses technology developed for kidney dialysis. It is the first portable purification device to remove bacteria mechanically and exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) recommendations. The PointONE Filter is designed by Sawyer Products, Inc. of Safety Harbor, Florida and is thus far the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient portable water filter on the market today. Sawyer Products, Inc. is currently working in over 70+ countries with numerous relief agencies, mission and non-governmental organizations. For more information on the PointONE Filter please visit www.sawyer.com.

NVON member states were encouraged to participate by raising funds to purchase filters through a myriad of suggested ways, i.e. bake sales, yard sales, fund drives, bottle and can collection, etc.

This project was so successful and much interest after the 2015 deadline that NVON will continue to collect donations from member states and help get clean “Water Around The World” as long as there is interest and donations are made. Individual, Club, and County donations should be made to state treasurers. Twice a year (May or November), a check of donations from the state treasurer can be sent to the NVON Treasurer. Each state treasurer will keep up with their own individual, club and county donations. Only donations made to the NVON treasurer will be counted when reporting totals at the annual conference. Those states making their own arrangements will report their totals through State Reports at the annual conference.

As of March 1, 2016 $96,500.00 has been contributed to the purchase of $91,000.00 water filters.



The value of each filter is different depending on how many filters are purchased and arrangements to get filters to the needed areas in the world. As needs arise, requests are made and filters are purchased and sent. Haiti, Northern Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Thailand, Zimbabwe and recently Nepal’s earthquake victims have been helped. Through the efforts of Lou Haveman, NVON contact from Business Connect at (https://businessconnectworld.com) and his worldwide business, NVON is able to reach further making possible for more needed to be helped. For information on making a donation, please contact:

For information on purchasing/sponsoring water filters, please contact:

Pat Breznay, NVON “Water Around The World” Chair
(803) 736-6535


Lou Haveman, NVON contact from Business Connect
(616) 371-7095

To make donations, fill out one “Water Around The World” Report Form and mail along with the donation in either May or November or both to:

Judy Bender
NVON Treasurer
N 1440 Spring Lake Drive
Dalton WI 53926
Phone: 920.394.3008
Email: jmbender@centurylink.net


Make checks payable to: NVON (be sure to specify “Water Around The World” project)

NVON is a 501c3 organization. Donations made to NVON are tax deductible. All donations toward “Water Around The World” will be placed in a designated account. When a request is made for filters, a check voucher will be submitted (by NVON Project in Common Chair) and reimbursement will be made. Our contact with Sawyer Products, Inc. for the PointONE filters will contact us with requests and we will reimburse him for the filters.

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